2019 State of the Court

DATA ■ Since 1999, SBSC has relied heavily on its legacy case management system (the hardware and software) that electronically records litigant filings, court dates, minutes, rulings, and makes adjudicated records available online to the public and our justice partners. Over the last few years, SBSC has been in the midst of a multi- year implementation project to fully transition onto its new case management system requiring extensive planning, data conversion, system validation, software upgrades, and court-wide training and preparation. The new case management system will provide the platform needed to move SBSC towards paper-on-demand—where all filing information is stored digitally and only provided in paper form when needed. Additional benefits include e-filing, e-signatures and electronic dispute resolution. In 2019, SBSC rolled out its second successful system upgrade for criminal and traffic case types, a necessary step to move forward with the data migration process for Small Claims and Landlord Tenant case types.

– Converted over 400,000 case files for Small Claims and Landlord Tenant

– 1.9 million case files will be converted by 2020




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