2019 State of the Court

TRAINING ■ In-house training is cost-effective, encouraged and an effective method for training employees. In 2019, over 1,238 training sessions were held for over 6,000 participants in the areas of: – Compliance mandates – Soft-skills – Litigation specific – Leadership/professional development The wide array of topics are delivered through our own Subject Matter Experts (SME), which allows us to customize based on our own training needs. This customizable approach is particularly beneficial with regard to transitioning onto our new case management system. – In 2019, 285 employees participated in end-user training for the criminal and traffic case management system upgrade ■ Judicial Assistants play a unique role in the courtroom and are the go to person for judicial officers and the public. In 2019, the Judicial Assistant Training Program (JATAP) relaunched providing valuable peer-to-peer learning to 163 participants geared towards: – New Judicial Assistants – Specific case types – Judicial Assistant Supervisors ■ Continuing education is a primary focus of our Judicial Administrative Services unit specializing in delivering new methods to enhance the learning experience. In 2019, the following educational opportunities were provided locally which decreases time away from the courtroom and travel costs: – Ethics (x2) – Mental Health Symposium (delivered via video) – Regional Roundtable – Non-binary gender markers – Mental Health – Mentor Workshop ■ The Judicial Officer Mentor Program provides judicial officers support, collegiality and encourages learning during different types of professional transitions. These include: – New court location – New case type assignment – New judicial officer – New role (i.e., supervising or presiding judge)


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