FINAL 2021 Annual Report

With the improvement in the budget for FY 2021-22, which began on July 1, 2021, SBSC’s theme became restoration. Restoration of staffing, programs, access, and our core competencies. Reflecting on the technology innovation, we have learned and implemented through the opportunities of multiple crisis points in 2021. We are poised to and have learned the value of technology to achieve wrap-around access for our geographically and demographically challenged community. Our greatest strength continues to be our staff, judges, justice partners, and commitment to providing access to justice during good and bad times. Our court community adapted well to numerous changes resulting from the pandemic and achieved great things through sheer determination, hard work, and commitment to serving the public.

D&I Committee The Diversity & Inclusion Committee fosters a culture of diversity to appreciate & value individual differences.

All 5,400 AB 1793 filings are expected to be processed & updated by June 2022. Cannabis Filings

Senate Bill 129 provided additional funding to expand pre-trial services in partnership with the county. Pre-trial Services



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